Here is a place where you can find out about the training mediums currently on offer.



Kahuna Principles

These are potent and powerful principles as taught by the Kahuna Abraham Kawai’i.  The Kahuna were many things, including scientists. In the various lineages of Kahuna were the accumulation, rememberings and distillation of careful, undistracted observation of Nature and how things worked.  Simple and elegant, each principle provides a deepening of understanding who you are and how to align with things as they are. As training mediums, they provide a direct path that cuts through the confusion of mind and into the realm of doing.  There is no better way to truly know, than by doing.


Romi Kapalele 

This work was formulated by Kahu based upon ancient Hawaiian practices to move the tangible creation of self.  It was a rite to passage into the total understanding and responsibility of all that you are and all that you create.  It was formulated especially for Western Consciousness and utilizes the body as a starting point to achieve balance in mind, body, and spirit.  It recognizes the physical body as a Portal of Soul.


Private Bodywork appointments can be booked after an initial conversation with Kumu.


This is a training medium also known as “flying” or “Flight of the Navigator”.  As the name suggests it has its origins in Kahuna Navigation principles and provides a way to understand yourself as the centre of your personal experience.   All things come and go with you at the centre as a participant and observer. This frees you from taking things personally by offering you a direct experience of what remains the same, unchanged: YOU!  At the Centre! The moving meditation provides you a way to maintain balance and to find coordination when things get rocky, and to develop deep communication and compassion with all things. The result of committed practice is the ability to meet life as it is, moving in synchronicity with its flow, its comings and goings effortlessly.


Classes are currently offered in Auckland and in Tauranga.  Please see the events page for details. If you would like to arrange a class in your area please make contact.



Geomancy, as conceived and taught by the Kahuna Abraham, is a way to align yourself with your environment in such a way to create a harmonious flow.   

It comprises two main arts:

Huli Honua – The ability to assess the environment, landscape, buildings and objects in order to identify areas that are contributing and not contributing and to bring about changes to restore balance and harmony among the various factors in the space. The energies of the land are directed to harmonize with the buildings on it.


Kuhikuhipu’e’one’one – Creates, selects and formulates presence in nature, one’s family (past, present and future) and one’s self.  It seeks to align the gifts, aspirations, goals and dreams for a particular space with that of the individuals occupying the space. It deals with past energy of those who were on the land before, now and into the future. It is the study of contours, projective and receptive principles.


Classes are currently offered in Auckland and in Tauranga.  Please see the events page for details. If you would like to arrange a class in your area or book an appointment with Kumu to work specifically with your home and surroundings, please make contact.



Geomancy of the physical body.  Movements, breath, and attention facilitate a deep understanding of your body and how it works – its range of motion, innate capabilities, and the flow of energy within.      


Is the art of conflict resolution with the family – all aspects of family; your family of thoughts and feelings, beliefs about yourself and others, your should be and should not be’s, your nuclear family, your community, your environment, and your world.  


Appointments can be booked to work within a family or with an individual.  




A cornerstone of all traditions, religions and spiritual practice.  Prayer as a lifelong practice builds the beneficial habits of gratitude, humility, and alignment of thoughts to bring about clarity and real contribution of the mind.  This allows you to build a strong foundation on which to build your unique expression of the innate gifts you were born with. Through daily practice, you also build a life of dignity, beauty and grace.


Classes are periodically offered.  Please check the events page. If you would like to arrange a Lecture/workshop in your area please make contact.


Wheel of Time

A series of teachings based upon the seasons, elements and cycles that are readily observed in nature and so are naturally a part of us.  This is a way to understand your expanding experience through time – a way to make sense of the recurring patterns both the constructive and destructive ones.  This study develops heightened awareness around how these patterns occurred and how and when to release those things that keep negative patterns in play. With this information, you make better decisions.  You also learn that the seasons of our lives have their own language. You may be speaking from a particular consciousness that arises with where you are on the wheel of time. This can create difficulty in being heard and understood by those you love who are in a different season. With this elegant model, you learn to communicate more effectively and to understand the ones closest to you. You learn to understand and support yourself through the seasons of your life.

Classes are periodically offered.  Please check the events page. If you would like to arrange a Lecture/workshop in your area, please make contact.



In these gatherings, you are bathed in Presence.  It is a place that holds you as you move into and untangle the thoughts, memories, beliefs that have kept you lost in the world of the mind.  It is a place to unburden yourself of the heavy load you are carrying. How strange and wonderful that dialog can be a way to drop out of thinking and into the direct experience of your radiance.  This is an experience where thought disappears and a whole group drops into silent, complete joy.


Monthly Satsang gatherings are currently available in Auckland and Tauranga.  Please see the events page for more information. If you would like to host a Satsang, please make contact.


One on One Meetings

These are meetings either in person or online in which you have the opportunity to dialog with Kumu about any personal aspects you would like to deeply explore.  It is an opportunity to be in a field of transmission. Present when we meet is an energy, an activated field that when meeting this way infuses your energetic field and assists you in an accelerated movement in understanding and the ability to retain that energy.  People report major shifts in consciousness which result in shifts in their personal lives be it in relationships or situations of their lives. 


Are generally 1 hour long and can be extended if you like.  There is a protocol for preparation before meeting with Kumu so that you are in a state of full receptivity.


Advanced Programs and Apprenticeship

Advanced Programs are for students who have met the prerequisites listed for each event.  These can be individual workshops or on-going personal training sessions. Please see events pages for any programs currently on offer.  You may also make inquiries.


Apprenticeships are residential programs that run for 1 – 6 months for advanced students to deepen or accelerate their training.  Please inquire if you would like more information.


Private Retreats

Personal retreats can be arranged from 1 night – 2 weeks.  You will stay in comfortable accommodation and be provided with meals on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula.  There are many options for you to choose from: Silent retreats, meditation retreats, Personal Inquiry Retreats, Focus on Health, and Time Out in Presence.  Retreats are tailored to your personal needs at the time. Please make contact to discuss your options.