"If you stand for Life,

Life will stand with you."



“My Life is not my own, it belongs to Source from which all things Come and Return.  My Life is dedicated to midwifing you into that realization and the Profound Peace that comes with this understanding.”


She was born in 1958 and named Erin Marie to two mystically-inclined parents, Jane and Richard.    During her childhood, her father was a member of the Rosicrucian society, and later a student of Carlos Casteneda and Jane Roberts who channeled the Seth Materials.  Her mother was a student of Krishnamurti and Paramahansa Yogananda.  


When Erin was about 8 years old she had a mystical experience while gazing at the night sky and experienced Divine Presence, joy and peace.  Around this time she met the Himalayan Master Swami Rama. While playing in the canyon near her home she saw a man dressed in red robes meditating under the trees.  He beckoned her and her sister to Him and this began a week of receiving Darshan from Him. These experiences eventually led her to search for teachers that could remove the obstacles and barriers that kept her from living in this Presence continuously.


She spent time learning from Native American Medicine Men and Women, was initiated by Swami Muktananda, recognized by the Hawaiian Kahuna Abraham Kawa'i, Aua'ia, Maka'i'ole, Uliama as the Speaker of the House for the teachings brought forth by Him, and named “A Great Mother” by the Alchemist Luciano and while there with him in an ancient monastery in Conero Italy, the personal story of her suffering came to an end.   

Her 60th year birthed the surrender into Source and Kumu emerged.  Her teachings draw upon the vast array of experience and wisdom shared with her by her teachers and it transcends any particular gender, race, religion and tradition.  The aim is for each individual to realize they are a part of the Cosmic Unity Consciousness(whatever the name) and with this conscious awareness find Being able to be inclusive, encompassing and joyous.


Words cannot encompass the deep gratitude to the guides, poets, saints and teachers who have blessed us as manifestations of the One Cosmic Consciousness.

Baba Lokenath Brahmachari (1730 – 1890)

A rare Himalayan Yogi who lived to the age of 160 years. As a student of Guru Bagwan he spent the major part of his life walking the Himalayas in deep practice and it was there while meditating in a cave that he ultimately attained total Self Realisation. His training was unique; Guru Bagwan utilised a blend or practice of hathayoga, rajayoga and synthesis of Yoga. After the attainment of Being One with the Divine, he travelled the world on foot teaching the Yoga of Action. He taught that all religions at their essence can bring the individual to the Ultimate realisation of The One.

“In the hearts of all living beings the Eternal Lord has been singing the Divine Song. Who is conscious of It? The mind is always busy, thinking about the past, weaving dreams of the future or being disturbed by a diverse array of sounds in the external world. The Divine Song is never heard. But the Divine does not stop singing. It will be singing until you hear.”

Anandamayi Ma (1896-1982)

This “Joy-Permeated” Being is recognised as one of the great Hindu Saints of the 20th century. Her awakening was spontaneous and inward driven when she was very young. She had no outer Guru or Teacher. She became the Beloved of simple people, scholars, famous figures and seekers from many religions and traditions. She travelled extensively throughout India and emphasised that everything you do in Life should be done with sincerity, love and devotion.

“If you cannot do anything else, at least morning and evening at the appointed time, lay down your body, mind and life before Him in salutation and surrender and think of Him just a little.”

Ramana Maharshi – (1879 – 1950)

Attained the pinnacle of Human Effort – Self Realisation at the age of 16. His encounter with death and deep self- inquiry led to this achievement. He was then led to the holy mountain Arunachala and devoted his life to teaching others the process of Self-Inquiry. His greatest teaching he said was in silence; there students experienced the truth directly for themselves. The living Truth that this works is seen in the lineage that continues today; through the Flowers of his Grace and Compassion: Papaji, Gangaji and Mooji.

“The Solution to your problem is to see who has it.”

Swami Rama (1925-1996)

Swami Rama was taught by his master Bengali Baba and in his loving care travelled to temples and caves throughout India and the Himalayas. He was sent to study with a variety of enlightened beings living at that time; Tagore, Mahatma Ghandi, Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharishi to name a few. He came to the United states in 1969 to share his teachings with the people of the West. He was studied extensively by the scientific community because of his ability to control his autonomic nervous system at will.

“The love I received from the sages is like the perennial snows which form the silvery glaciers of the Himalayas and then melt into thousands of streams. When love became the lord of my life, I became quite fearless and travelled from one cave to another. The Himalayan sages taught me the gospel of nature.“

Swami Muktananda (1908 - 1982)

Swami Muktananda was a student of Life for 25 years travelling around India on foot where he spent time with many renowned saints and meditation masters. In 1947 he met his Guru Bhagawan Nityananda and under his care and guidance reached the ultimate goal of Self Realisation. He toured the world 3 times establishing ashrams and teaching Siddha meditation. He also awakened in individuals the Divine Inner Energy through Shaktipat initiation.

“Human Life is sublime and worth knowing!”

Abraham Kawai’I (1939-2004)

Abraham was born on the Big Island of Hawai'i. At a young age he was selected by his maternal Grandmother to train in the Kahuna Arts. Upon her passing he went on to study under 8 more Kahuna instructors. Each teacher had a different area of expertise and each passed their Mana directly to him upon their passing. This gave Abraham a totally unique perspective that would later underpin his work when he was established as a Kahuna. This broad perspective allowed him to see the underlying principles that were the foundation of his teachers great achievements. He created training mediums that were formulated specifically for Western Consciousness. He then took these teachings out into the world and taught anyone who had the hunger to learn about themselves, both Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian alike.

“Be totally attentive to the idea of perpetual growth! Attune yourself to everything in existence and Life becomes harmonious. Everything comes to you. The basic principle of Kahuna is an encompassing one – the understanding that everything is Family and is related to everything. Once you get into this principle of Family everything extends itself to communicate with you.”

Luciano Capponi

The zelator, magician and magus who held up the mirror to this monkey and helped me pass through.

"Your life becomes harmonious when you attune yourself to everything in existence."

"Your life becomes harmonious when

you attune yourself to everything in existence."